IMPACT AREA VALUE: Calculating the Externalized Costs of Mining

This is the page for the 2 companion reports to the Calculator:

Go here to use the Calculator.

FMC has designed an Impact Area Value Calculator for mines.

Simply enter the applicable data and the Calculator will produce a dollar value of the externalized environmental costs of the mine.

The Calculator features two companion reports (links below):

“Impact Area Value I: The Numbers”, paints a close picture of how much the province of British Columbia has actually earned from mining 1836 to 2019 – Annual Production Value; Taxes and Royalties; Primary and Secondary Benefits.

“Impact Area Value II: The Formula”, goes step-by-step through the math behind the Calculator using Gibraltar Mine and Mount Polley Mine as our 2 examples. It goes further by 1) Calculating these costs against the depleting available land base of the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, thereby accounting for the cumulative impacts of development of that region; and 2) Projecting the Impact Area Value on the other 72 mines on the MEMPR inventory (operating, closed, or in care and maintenance) to arrive at an estimated $10.9 billion dollars of Impact Area Value – more than any Annual Production value for any year on record.

Read/download “Impact Area Value I: The Numbers” here:

Read/download “Impact Area Value II: The Formula” here: