Preparing a Resource Policy


First Nations are more likely to get real long-term benefits from mining activities on their traditional territories when they are well prepared to respond to mining proposals.

One way for First Nations to have more control over how resources are managed is to develop strong resource policies. A resource policy can set out how a community wants to be consulted and outline the minimum terms and conditions that should be attached to mine permits. Such policies can also guide First Nations’ staff in the review of mining proposals and the protection of the traditional territory before, during, and after mining operations.

For more detailed information, see Chapter 2: Community and Preparation Background Paper; First Nations’ Resource Policies from Fair Mining Practices: A New Mining Code for British Columbia

Each resource policy will be unique to each First Nations community. However, they commonly include the following:

  1. Objectives
  2. Guiding Principles
  3. Operating Principles
  4. Shared Decision-Making Protocols


A Community Resource