First Nations’ Resource Policies


First Nations’ resource policies generally begin by specifying the objectives (purposes) that each First Nation wants to achieve through its policy. Below are examples of objectives from different First Nations’ resource policies.

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRTFN) Mining Policy mandates that the TRTFN Government exercise its authority in a manner that ensures mining activities are only approved where they promote the following objectives:

  • protection and accommodation of TRTFN’s Aboriginal rights, title and interests;
  • satisfaction of TRTFN principles for sustainability (see below); and
  • provision of social and economic benefits for the TRTFN community.6

Under the Cree Nation Government’s Cree Nation Mining Policy, the following fundamental pillars must guide mining activities:

  • promotion and support of mining activities as a tool for social and economic development;
  • mining activities should be compatible with sustainable development; and
  • mineral exploration and mining activities should be a transparent and collaborative process. 7

The objectives of the Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. Mining Policy are to:

  • minimize negative effects on the environment, wildlife, habitat, and on the lives and culture of Inuit;
  • maximize the retention of benefits from mining to the Inuit;
  • promote the development of a political and economic climate that attracts mining investment;
  • resolve conflicts between stakeholders regarding land use;
  • improve consultation and decision-making through communications processes, participation by stakeholders and coordination among decision-makers. 8

The objectives of the Wahnapitae First Nation Resource Development Policy are to:

  • protect native values and the environment;
  • protect the environment;
  • advocate joint activity and involvement in resource management and decisions affecting Wahnapitae First Nation territory;
  • provide a clear framework for miners to engage with the First Nations community; and
  • work towards an Agreement. 9

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